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Talent Development

we devote ourselves to providing the employees with systematic solutions for career development, serve the employees’ growth and development, build the integrated life-long training platform for the employees and set multi-element and omnibearing development channels.

Employees’ career planning
Employees’ career development channels
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Enterprise University - WuChanZhongDa Management College

We take the leading corporate universities of Global 500 as the examples, the strategic target of “serving the group and keeping a foothold among Global 500” as our aim, to build a corporate university which acts on international convention and occupies the leading position in China.

We carry out the multi-level training for all staves through the Management School of Wuchan Zhongda Group, and establish the integrated training system covering all staves. By the training for knowledge, skill and attitude, we formulate specialized training courses, and the training runs through the whole career of the employees and all the stages of employees’ post promotion.

Party School of Wuchanzhongda Group Committee of the Communist Party of China

  The Party School of Wuchan Zhongda Group Committee of the Communist Party of China was founded in 2015 based on serving the group’s strategy of “one body with two wings” and the construction of “circulation 4.0 new integrated commercial society”, it is aimed at practicing the group’s party building policy of “leading the way, selecting the talents, gathering the spirit, building the soul and escorting along the way”, systematically carries out the education and training for the party members, comprehensively enhances the quality and ability of the group’s party members, to drive the party members to play the role of vanguard model, providing the talent support for the evergreen of Wuchan Zhongda’s career.

  The Party School systematically carries out party members series educational training and special topic training all the year round. The objects for the series training mainly include the theory center group of the party committee, backbones of party work, party branch secretary, new party members, development objects, activists of party application, etc., and the special topic training mainly includes the theoretical system of socialism with Chinese characteristics, party spirit education, professional knowledge of party, etc.

  Vision of the Party School: constructing the leading party school brand in China with the features of state-owned enterprises.

    Mission of the Party School: persisting in cultivating enterprise talents with attic faith, high pursuit and being pragmatic, and strive to make the party organization play the combat fortress function in the practice of “talents revitalizing the enterprise”.

Employee competency model
Systematic training system
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