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Supply Chain Integration Services

Depending on the strong resource organization, network channel, brand operation and other professional advantages, the group interconnects the business flow, material flow, capital flow and information flow through the integrated and platform-based operation patterns, such as collective purchase and distribution, matching supply and delivery, value added service, combination of future and spot goods, “big platform + little front end”, to provide the business partners on the upstream and downstream supply chains with raw material purchase, processing, distribution, export, logistics, finance, information and other efficient supply chain integration services, and devote itself to be a customer value-oriented, customized and agile supply chain service integrator.

As the main business sector of the group, supply chain integration services cover 6 fields, i.e., metal material (iron sand), automobile, chemical engineering, energy, rubber and cross-border e-commerce. The revenue scale occupies about 90% of the total of the group, the profit contribution is more than half and all the main products rank among the nationwide top dealers.

The group firstly proposed and deeply practices “Circulation 4.0”, takes such modern information technologies as Internet, Internet of Things, big data and cloud computing as the support, the customer-driving as the concept, the large circulation enterprises as the core, its purpose is to co-build the ecosphere and realize co-existence and win-win results with the cross-border integration of the interested parties on the supply chain, such as suppliers, manufacturers and customers, featuring the platform-based, integrated, financialized, intelligentized and international operation, and it has entered into the new development stage of the circulation industry, transforming from selling commodity to selling services.

Metal material (iron sand)

The main product for the group's metal material business is steel (iron sand); as the largest variety in the group's supply chain integration services, it nearly accounts for one third of the scale of the circulation sector. Many business patterns such as collective purchase and distribution, matching supply and delivery, comprehensive integrated service are adopted, and provide the customers with system solutions through such value added services as financial embedding, logistics service and processing service.

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The group’s business pattern for automobile is mainly centered on 4s store and comprehensive repair shop, it operates most automobile brands at home and abroad with the dealership for nearly 50 brand series and over 150 4S stores, covering most of the mainstream brands, and its agent quantity of automobile brands always maintain the leading position in the China. In addition, it also adopts the business operating pattern of after-sale services, such as second-hand cars, components and parts, insurance agent, recycle and clubs. The group’s automobile business ranks among the top 10 dealer groups nationwide.

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The main product operated by the group as the energy business is coal. The coal is mainly purchased from Shenhua Group, Datong Coal Mine Group, China Coal Energy, Shanxi Coking Coal Group and other large coal plants. The group vigorously exploits end direct users and intensively supplies coal for power plants, building material factories, paper mills, chemical plants, metallurgic plants, etc.; meanwhile, the group constantly promotes the proportion of end users and enhances the ability of value added services, to satisfy the demands of the individualized customers.

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Chemical engineering

The group’s sales scale of chemical business is in the leading position of the same industry in China. The group mainly adopts such business patterns as collective purchase and distribution,supply chain integration and industrial chain extension, forming the development pattern of “one body with two wings”, for which the main body is chemical trading and the two wings are medicine production and chemical logistics.

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Cross-border e-commerce

The group comprehensively propels the transformation development of “cross border + e-commerce + trade” by combining various small front end platforms with large integrated service platforms for distribution, collective purchase, finance, information data, etc., to build the new and effective business model for the foreign trade supply chain services under the large circulation plate, and strive to be a cross-border supply chain integration service provider and industrial ecology organizer in the sector of consumer goods.

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Rubber is the key business cultivated for the group’s business model innovation and subsidiaries and branch offices in Shanghai, Qingdao, Singapore and other central cities at home and abroad. The group’s rubber business is guided by the demands of the end users, based on the trade services and started from rubber trade, finally the integration of the whole industrial chain is realized, and the goal is to rank among the top 3 in China’s rubber industry and among the top 5 in the world’s rubber industry.

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