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Core Business
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High-End Industrial

High-end industry is an important wing of the “one body with two wings” of the company, it is the company’s strategic business nurturing center, development stamina center, science and technology innovation center and the concentration district of leading enterprises in the segmental fields. At present, the business structure with core competitiveness has been formed for the high-end industry plate and it covers heat and power cogeneration, medicine, medical treatment and health, water environmental protection energy, stainless steel, high-end wire and cable, motor core, etc.The high-end industrial form with two cores of big public utility (water environmental protection energy) and big health (health care, old-age care and medical care) has been preliminarily formed, laying a solid foundation for the company’s strategy upgrading and the contribution of profit to the listed company.


The company’s heat and power cogeneration business includes the production & sales of electric energy and thermal energy, recycling and reusing of waste from power generation, power generation with straw burning, etc.The installed gross capacity is 300MW, the service areas cover Jiaxing, Tongxiang, Pujiang, etc.Jiaxing Xinjia Aisi Thermoelectric, Co., Ltd. is the largest local public heat and power cogeneration enterprise in Zhejiang Province so far, its annual steam supply volume exceeds 3,800,000t, power supply volume is more than 800,000,000kWh and sludge treatment capacity is 700,000t.

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It focuses on the production of active pharmaceutical ingredient and midbody, its main products include atorvastatin, rosuvastatin, thiophene and its derivatives. Among which, Lianyungang Hongye Chemical Engineering Co., Ltd.. is the largest manufacturer of thiophene and its derivatives in the world, its capacity of thiophene is 1,200t/year, and it has passed the ISO9001 and ISO14000 quality system certification.

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Medical treatment and health

Its business is centered on the medical service, health service and other related services, it vigorously pushes the layout of the whole industry chain, such as general hospital, healthy city, supply chain platform, special medical treatment, health preservation and service for the aged, and devotes itself to being a ecological organizer in China’s leading medical and health industry. At present, the health investment platform has been used in the projects of many hospitals, such as the People's Hospital of Jianggan District in Hangzhou, the People's Hospital in Jinhua City and the People's Hospital of Kecheng District in Quzhou, and the projects of other public hospitals in the province are under negotiation.

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Public utility

It practices the green development idea that “green water and mountains are gold and silver mountains”, dedicates itself to forging the ecological circle in the whole industry chain of public environment. It has made some achievements in such fields as water utilities, environmental governance, solid and danger waste. Up to the end of August 2017, it owned the water supply and sewage treatment capacity of 800,000t/day or so, and the population within its service areas exceeded 6,000,000, and the layout in many places nationwide had been preliminarily realized.

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Stainless steel

It has developed the stainless steel business for more than 20 years, and it is the regional sole distributor of the stainless steel from Taiyuan Iron & Steel Co., Ltd., one of the vice president units of the Stainless Steel Council of China Spacial Steel Enterprises Association, one of the standardized enterprises for Class II safety production in Zhejiang Province and has obtained the certificate of quality system ISO9001:2008. Its main products include 300 series, 200 series, 400 series, cold & hot rolled stainless steel, seamless steel tube, etc. It provides products for Hangyang, DE&E Kitchen Utensils, XIZI OTIS, ROBAM, CSSC Shenghui and other well-known enterprises and also finds a good sale in many foreign countries.

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Wire and cable

It has been honored as one of the “National Level New High-Tech Enterprises”, “Chinese Small and Medium-sized Enterprises with Excellent Innovation Achievements”, etc. Its products are rated as “Famous-Brand Products in Zhejiang”, and it has obtained 18 national patents, such as low smoke halogen-free flame-retardant and environment-friendly cable and waterproof cable. It mainly manufactures tens of thousands of products, such as building wires, plastic power cables, crosslinked cables, controlling cables, cabtyre cables, computer cables and high-end special cables. Its products are sold in 22 provinces in China and many foreign countries, and widely used in many fields, such as communications, real estate, electricity, home appliances and energy transportation.

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Motor core

Its motor punching sheet business ranks among the top 3 in the industry. It is specialized in the manufacture of the standard series of motors, punching-level iron cores for efficient and ultra-efficient motors; master and commutating poles, armature punching sheets and iron cores for large and medium-sized DC motors; punching sheets and iron cores for large and medium-sized high voltage AC motors; iron cores for fractional motors and household appliance motors; iron cores for automobile motors and mine explosion-proof motors; punching sheets and iron cores for new energy motors, such as wind driven generators, nuclear power motors and large water turbine generators. It provides mating products for Siemens Motor, Shanghai Electric Group, Dongfang Motor, Nanyang Motor and other well-known enterprises in the industry on a long-term basis.

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Information construction

As a company dedicated itself to enterprise informatization solutions, it is one of the providers of professional services for enterprise informatization with strong comprehensive strength in Zhejiang. It takes software development as the core to drive hardware and system integration services, and provides the users with omnidirectional services, such as informatization consultation, system development, system operation & maintenance and hardware integration. Its major businesses cover SAP ERP enterprise management solutions, OA cooperative office solutions, big data solutions and network security solutions.

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Ecological industry

The forest coverage rate within its business scope is 86.77%. It blends in the development opportunity of “Dajingshan National Country Park” depending on 23,000mu (a unit of area, 1mu=0.0667 hectares) forest resources and the high quality ecological atmosphere surrounding it, strives to develop high-tech forestry, cultivate forest health industry in an all-round way, forge the first town for forest health preservation in China and construct the healthy small town of “entrepreneurship + prolong life”, the rurality life of “production + living”, the country park for “health preservation + serving the aged”, the national fine forest breed park and China’s forest popular science base.

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