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Core Business
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Financial Sector

The finance plate is under the overall strategy of “one body with two wings”, and its development goal is to be one “service provider of supply chain finance and comprehensive finance” and continuously enrich and improve the comprehensive financial service ability. The group defines finance as one of the two core businesses in its “13th Five-year Plan”, the mode of organic combination of independent development and serving the group will be adopted for the finance plate, to further optimize the allocation of financial resources, improve the overall competitiveness and help the group forge the development pattern of “industry + finance”.

Each of the member companies of the group’s finance plate has its own characteristics and develops rapidly. At present, the functional framework of financial service platforms in such fields as finance lease, future goods, finance companies, platform transaction, assets management, pawn and insurance agent have been covered. There are more than 10 financial enterprises subordinate to the group, mainly including Wuchan Financial Leasing, Zhongda Futures, Finance Company, Zhongda Jinshi, Zhongda Investment, Zhejiang Petrochemical Trading Center, Wenzhou Financial Assets Exchange, Wuchan Wanxin, Wuchan Financial Services, etc.

Wuchan Financial Leasing

The group’s property rent business mainly focus on “big customers, big projects and big platforms”, specialized development and differential competition, with obvious advantages in car rental business, public utility, engineering machinery, etc. Wuchan Financial Leasing subordinate to the group is the leasing company holding the largest rental vehicle population in Zhejiang Province, one of the key units in modern service industry supervised by Hangzhou Municipal Government and Zhejiang Provincial Development and Reform Commission and one of the key contact units of the Ministry of Communications. During G20 Hangzhou Summit, Wuchan Financial Leasing is the largest “service provider for safeguard vehicles” and the only “operator for the leasing platform” for the summit.

Member enterprise
Future goods

The group has developed the business of future goods for more than 20 years, founded over 30 business departments in Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Nanjing and other central cities and established a complete and effective brokerage business system. The group has the qualification for many businesses, such as future goods investment & consultation, asset management and fund sales and has obtained honors in the industry for many times. 

Member enterprise
Finance Company

By taking capital collection as the basis, credit and interbank business as the core, settlement business as the support, investment bank business as the driving force, industry chain finance as the breakthrough, the finance company puts forth effort to perfect the group’s fund treasurer management function and transform and upgrade to industrial bank in good time.

Member enterprise
Real estate finance

It gives full play to the advantages of both sides of capital and asset operation, develops four series of services, i.e., assets operation, agent construction service, service for the aged and property service by making the industry funds as the link, forming the finite and multivariate business pattern of “4 + 1” with integration of industry and finance and the operating management structure based on the operation of “company + fund”, and striding towards the first matrix of China’s real estate finance and operating service providers.

Member enterprise
Transaction platform

Zhejiang Petrochemical Trading Center Co., Ltd. is the only integrated transaction platform for spot petrochemical engineering goods approved by Zhejiang Provincial Government. Wenzhou Financial Assets Exchange Co., Ltd. is a platform for the specialized transactions and integrated services of financial assets and related products, and it is also an important constituent part of the local multilevel capital market.

Member enterprise
Investment and finance business

Industrial investment, assets management, investment management, investment consultation, financial counseling, enterprise assets reorganization, merger and acquisition consultation, management consultation and marketing planning.

Member enterprise

With the orientation of a provider of “characteristic financial services”, it adheres to “differential management” and “specialized service”, carries out “1 + X” business, better serves the enlending business of middle and small-sized enterprises with specialized and powerful ability, key breakthrough and all-out advance; meanwhile, it tries hard to expand fund management business, equity (stock) pledge financing business, supply chain financial business and other financial service businesses.

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